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A Spooky Security Month: What to expect in October for Cyber Security

Welcome to the awareness month for Cyber Security! I am your host Jonah, and we’re going to go through the buzz this month with everything to do with Cyber Security.

What can one do to be aware this month? The guys at CISA tell us to do these “Key Action Steps” To secure ourselves and the people around us!

· Think before you click

· Update your software

· Use Strong Passwords

· Enable that pesky 2FA for safe measure

As we get closer and closer to November and December, which are months full of purchases made online and in stores, make sure to follow these financial tips to stay secure:

1. Getting Notifications on a recent transaction:

If one receives a notification from Amazon or PayPal, do not click on the provided link in the text message or email. Stay less spooky, and don’t click on anything unless you typed in that URL yourself.

2. Take the time and go through that boring training your company may provide:

Employees will often just press play and flip through their phones during cyber security training or technical training for a new product. From all of us in I.T., please watch it. It helps everyone when we take security seriously from all departments, not just I.T.

3. Don’t leave something critical to you alone in a public place!

Time and time again, I will see people leaving laptops, phones, and tablets alone for the taking. Or perhaps for the infecting? MUHAHAHA. Remember, for all the software and monitoring one can place on a personal or work-related computer, physical access is the easiest way to attack a device. If an attacker has physical access, they can do a lot more damage than being remote.

And finally, have you ever wanted to join the Cyber Security field? And help a growing industry become stronger? We’re always looking for people to participate from all diverse backgrounds!

Here are some resources you can look at right now to get started!

TryHackMe has some great introduction courses to the world of Cyber Security. Learn how attackers get inside your systems through simple social engineering with the room: Common Attacks (Insert THM photo), or even do a whole module on Cyber Defense Frameworks.

If you want to get more hands-on, join HackTheBox and get a 25% Annual VIP and learn all types of different attacks by performing real-world exploits in a simulated environment (HackTheBox Twitter promo)

I hope to write some spooky content about seeing in the dark of the cyber security world. We’ll cover endpoints security, cool gadgets like the Flipper Zero, and some recent conferences in Oklahoma! Starting with the Information Warfare Summit at Oklahoma Christian University.

Stay Spooky!


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