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Brisket and Ribs done Right: Joe-Bawb’s BBQ

For generations, the art of cooking and cutting brisket and ribs have been ruined by big chain BBQ fast-food restaurants. But Joe-Bawb sticks to the classic Louisiana Cut Brisket, with delicious burnt ends and some tasty Mac-N-Cheese, Joe-Bawn seals the deal for great BBQ.

Located on 7921 Northside Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73132, Joe-Bawb has a fabulous history of cooking Brisket, Ribs, Potato Salad, and Mac-N-Cheese. The name, according to G-Que Barbeque comes from his wife’s first name JoAnne, and the “Bawb” comes from a sort of joke of when they’d eat out the table would be for Bob; he decided to put a twist on it by spelling “Bawb.”

The Results!

What I ordered:

2 Ribs

¼ lb. Brisket


Potato Salad

Price Point: $$


The Mac-N-Cheese was great! It was not too spicy with the Bacon bits on top and didn’t solidify, which I like personally because I’ll eat a little bit of everything and want to come back to the Mac; this made it easier to try each dish that, excellent Mac-N-Cheese. *Full desktop here*

Potato Salad:

Now I understand this Potato-Salad was homemade, so kudos to the chef who made this; it was sweet; I could still taste the potato, and a bit spicy on top, which is always a plus for eating Potato Salad with BBQ; very delicious.

2 Ribs:

The Ribs were a different story, excellently smoked with no meet falling off, meaning moisture was abundant in these ribs. My Boss stated, “You must try the ribs alone; that is the ultimate test to good tasting ribs. If the taste can stand on its own, that means their good”. I admit this did make me think of what good-tasting ribs mean to a new food/IT blog myself, I took my boss’s advice, and yes, I can concur these ribs did stand on their own without some of Joe-Bawb’s home-made sauce, which I’ll get into later.

¼ Brisket

The brisket was awesome, they didn’t fall apart, and the top of the ribs was just the right amount of smoke to give it that exquisite taste. But I must state that I did need the sauce to make them better. But still great brisket overall!


Joe-Bawb has three sauces that he gives his customers, Dawg, Original, and Mango Habanero.

Original: Better than store-bought any day, I would love to buy some for home consumption.

Dawg: Very spicy! But I am a spicy guy, so no complaints here; it made the food even better!

Mango-Habanero: with a kick of spicy and sweetness, Mango Habanero changes the flavors of anything you try at Joe-Bawb’s.

Rating: 4.5/5 Desktops


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