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Cloud technologies you should be looking out for

Top Trends for Cloud and IoT

Here is a summary of the trends I believe will pick up for 2022 and beyond.

Azure with Infrastructure as Code

IAC is an excellent field to look after for the future of the Cloud and how we store our data.

With provisioning for cloud engineers, you want to build fast and tear down faster. With IAC or Infrastructure as Code, using languages like terraform and DevOps, you'll be able to quickly come up with a sheet of requirements for your latest VM or project to get a running start for that new service you want to deploy.


DevOps is the future of how we create environments that foster creativity for companies growing all around the world.

How can one track what's going on in the project?

When was your latest milestone?

How can you instill courage and excitement into your employees when starting a massive project?

Using something like Microsoft DevOps will get your team started in how you can delegate tasks, keep track of code, and learn to pipe data with any programming language that your company may need.

CI/CD pipelines

I'm learning this myself, but CI/CD pipelines are a considerable skill in software development for starters, but CI/CD pipelines could be integrated into anything.

Using Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines, companies can track and push how they deploy new software to the public. CI/CD pipelines is an agile DevOps workflow focused on a frequent and reliable software delivery process. This methodology is iterative, allowing teams to write code, integrate it, run tests, deliver releases and deploy changes collaboratively in real-time.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

MDE is software that's focused on covering all a company's bases, including Android, iOS, and all of your Windows-based devices.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint (MDE) uses advanced ML and AI to detect and prevent malware in real-time, using analytical data. MDE can also use it to find vulnerable devices in your environment; with the latest updates, you can quickly control how your data is processed to different applications and endpoints to know who has your information and why they're using it...


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