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Veriti: The Single Pane of Glass for Your Company

On a lot of days, IT professionals are told of some new solution that will help them in one select field of IT security. But what tools are out there to manage all the tools you already have? Veriti, a recent exhibitor at RSA 2023, has been making strides in providing full visibility and integration across your entire organization so that you can cut down on management and administrative tasks with your current toolset.

One can’t fight all the battles at the same time.

As a CISO or IT manager, one must delegate tasks and goals to their team to block and defend every endpoint in their company. All the firewalls, managed switches, routers, servers, and, most importantly, desktops and mobile devices are constantly moving in and out of the safe territory or your company networks. Not to mention keeping track of the latest threats like RedLine Stealer through AI platform ads like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard.

Too Much Data, not enough eyes or ears.

With these critical factors in place and adding all types of agents on each endpoint regardless of its function, what will happen to all this data being created and sent within the SOC? I recently watched a talk from RSA 2023 discussing the problems companies have with their IT staff. People are tired of being bombarded with so much data that they don’t have time to review and analyze it through a SIEM or a SOAR. And this goes hand in hand with an EDR or XDR solution. IT professionals do not need another tool. They want a set of extra brains looking at the rest of the data they do not have time to analyze. The future of cyber security is not adding more humans to the company to manage your IT infrastructure, but adding AI and components that operate fleets of endpoints vital to your business, asking humans only when more strategic steps are needed.

Administrative Time is Killing your IT Staff.

So, what practical problems does your organization face when defending against the latest threats? It’s Administrative time when having to access more than five tools to grasp what is happening to your company. Imagine going to one dashboard that manages email security, another that contains your software library that says what is installed on your devices, and another to look at the types of requests through your firewall. And not to mention that some of these tools are managed by multiple people with minimum access to each, depending on their role in the company. So not only do you have to contact your IT team, but internally they must contact multiple experts per security field to get the correct set of experienced eyeballs on the scene ready to reply whether you’re secure or exposed.

Consolidating the Toolbelt

So, what is the solution? Multi-vendor reliance is a great strategy when choosing the tools you’ll use to defend your network. However, as we discussed, high administrative time is added when continuously adding to your toolbelt. Complexity is not in anyone’s order when managing IT organizations. There is already tons of complexity in finding vulnerabilities and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) targeting your organization. Simplicity is the key, and having multiple dashboards go off with their own alerts is straining IT professionals. A platform is needed to manage all your IT tools. Veriti is here to provide the solution IT admins have been dreaming of. One tool to rule them all, one tool to find them, one tool to bring them all, and in the darkness combine them.

One Platform to Rule Them All

I am very excited to get familiar with Veriti and its offerings to cybersecurity professionals who are stressed out, going from dashboard to dashboard, figuring out what is wrong. Veriti offers a platform integrating with the top companies offering different solutions. Featuring integrations with Palo Alto, Fortinet, Crowd Strike, Microsoft Defender, Cisco, and Check Point. Cyber security management does not have to be complicated; it simply needs to report and protect what is happening on each of the fronts of your company, telling one where the fire is and putting it out automatically with the press of a button. Veriti has incredible goals to help IT administrators and business managers consolidate their toolset, upgrading it when required to face the latest threats, and continuing to lower stress, administrative time, and keeping up with the vulnerabilities and groups targeting your organization.

Let’s learn more together.

But this does not mean we should let the tools handle the work for us. We still should meet regularly as pioneers of this new frontier of AI tools being integrated to become lethal against organizations trying to stay afloat in these digital shark-infested waters. If you want to learn more about Veriti and possibly talk with people from their team, join me on May 8, 12-2 PM at the Tavern in Tulsa as we discuss how Veriti is hoping to help you become more secure while also removing the required time to manage all the aspects of an IT team or organization dealing with the threats of today.

Hope you see you there!



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